Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Expectations? What?

I'm big on expectations. I tell my classes what I want. I tell Big J what I'm thinking. I let little j know how things are going to go. Someone once told me that I don't deal well with change. Actually, I do. I just don't deal well when my expectations aren't met.

The past few days have been all about expectations not being met. You would think after over 20 years together I would be used to Big J having to drop everything for a fire, but it's just not the case. To his credit, he did give me a heads up. And today he told me to "expect" him to have to work next weekend. Those are words I can understand.

In other unexpected events, little j is sick. We think she has strep throat and so will go to the doctor tomorrow for confirmation. When she was 4 she went through a 6-month period where she had strep at least every month. Hopefully we're not dealing with that again because it is so miserable for her. She just looks so sad. I was able to coax her into a bath and wash her hair tonight -- a good think because her hair was nearing early dreadlock stage. Okay, not really, but it wouldn't take much longer.

In any case, little j's illness brings our crazy schedules to a halt. Big J has to come home for half a day so I can prep and teach, and I get to stay home the other half of the days so he can deal with the fires. When people ask me, "Can you imagine life without little j?" My answer is "Yes, yes I can." I don't mean this negatively. Quite the opposite, actually. I just remember what our lives were like without little j -- we both worked insane hours. Now, we take time, have fun, laugh. We did that before, but it's even better now. Laughing, living, loving . . . those are pretty good life expectations.

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