Monday, February 21, 2011

Mother-Daughter Day 3

little j doesn't have school today so we are spending a third fun-filled day together. Oh wait, the last three days haven't been completely fun-filled. It is interesting to spend so much time together; and I mean that in a good way.

I am continuously reminded how alike we are. We both prefer, given the option, to stay home and do things around the house. We are both quick tempered and stubborn, although neither of us like conflict and crave resolution.

A few days ago, little j and I had a ridiculous argument about the spelling of the word "gnome." Big J, in utter frustration just walked away from the dinner table and we didn't see him for the next half hour. I found out later that he had actually fallen asleep upstairs. But the argument left me with the realization that neither little j or I willingly back down. This could have some ramifications in about 5 years.

Today we are forced to leave the house -- cookie deliveries, meetings, grocery shopping. A busy day that neither of us really thrives on.

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