Monday, August 16, 2010

What's that saying....

Be careful what you ask for. I asked for cooler weather for our camping trip and got it! About 10 miles into Shenandoah National Park we found ourselves in the midst of a cloud -- cloud that lasted all weekend. There were times that we couldn't see more than 6 feet in front of us. It didn't really rain much, but it was wet and every time the wind would blow the drops fell off the trees like a heavy rain.

Fortunately, we borrowed a canopy to set up over the picnic table and cooking area and we then proceeded to tie tarps onto two sides to keep the rain out. Of course, that didn't stop everything from being damp. The Js set up the tents while I got dinner out, and our first night of camp was pretty much like every other first night camping that we've had: we look at each other and wonder why we decided to do this.

Sleeping the first night was about the same: we played musical tents and finally ended up with me and little j in one tent and Big J and Georgia in the other. I think Big J drew the short straw on that one.

Despite the first night, our camping trip was fun and we left wishing that we could have stayed another night. Definitely a sign of a successful trip!

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