Monday, July 05, 2010

Once More With Feeling

I know I said this just 10 days ago, but it is damn hot! And it doesn't really help that people on the news keep saying things like, "The East is in the midst of a heat wave." Hey, we got it. No need to keep repeating yourself at the top of every hour. I know that it is going to be near 100〫the next two days. I think what makes it worse is that we had a few precious days of moderate heat that fooled us into thinking that the worst was behind us.

In preparation for little j's and my trip to Oregon I needed to buy a new suitcase. Honestly, I hate buying luggage about as much as I hate buying a swimsuit. But I finally found one and decided to reward myself with a venti iced tea from the Starbucks in the middle of the mall. Apparently it is a difficult drink because it took what seemed like 10 minutes to "hand shake it." As I was waiting I could feel little drops of sweat trickle down my back and into my butt crack (TMI, I know). But this was inside the mall. In a temperature controlled environment. Blargh!

But really, what can you do? Stay inside, grade papers, watch Law and Order, make popsicles and eat them, plan salads for dinner or maybe just a bowl of cereal, and head to the pool or lake and stay in the water the entire time.

You know those people that were poo-pooing global warming this winter when we had massive amounts of snow? They seem to be pretty silent these days. Maybe the heat sealed their lips shut.

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