Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Random Thoughts

I know, I know...I missed last Friday's Random Thoughts. I was doing focus groups with middle schoolers and by the time I got home all I wanted was a glass (or 5) of wine and the television.

Technically I should miss today's installment because I am at a conference, but I have found a bit of free time and made my way to the main lodge in order to have internet access. Seriously, there is no reason why all the rooms should not have internet access. But it is what it is.

Speaking of where I am at: Monterey Peninsula. It is lovely and the weather is so great...sadly I am inside all day.

On the upside, I am with "my people," those that understand the language of identity development without me having to explain the basics of Erikson.

Not only does my room not have internet, television, or telephone it has two twin beds. I feel like I am at camp.

But it is a camp on the beach with good coffee.

I'd like to be sitting on the beach reading my book.

I've breezed through two books this past week. If you are looking for a quick read full of violence, I recommend: Caught Stealing, Six Bad Things, and A Dangerous Man. It's a trilogy and it has awesome dialogue and a cat named Bud.

Okay...back to the conference.

Oh yeah...I got a full time teaching position. More on that later!