Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dream Residue

I've thought many times about writing this post. I don't know if others experience this phenomenon, but many times I wake up with vague memories and tangible feelings of a dream. Those feelings stay with me throughout the day and sometimes into the night, so much so that I wonder if the dream was reality. I call the feeling "dream residue."

I have no idea what causes this, nor what it means. Sometimes it is a welcome feeling of well-being or happiness. But more often I feel disturbed and unsettled. Although I don't actively dwell on any specific dream, the feelings, which is what I refer to in the phrase dream residue, remain.

I had a dream last night that fits this description: the lingering image is of my good friend standing on the beach facing the water. I can tell by the landscape that it is a western shore, and I feel elated, a sense of relief, closure, opportunity, hope.

I hope that the dream and its residue is ultimately prophetic . . .

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