Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's New?

It's been an interesting week and a half without Big J. When he returns it will be the longest he has ever been away. There is just a tiny part of me that enjoys my alone time in the evenings. But that lasted about 3 days. Now, I'm sort of lonely after Jillian goes to bed.

We had some drama with a stray cat. I took him to the vet to have his ear look at -- he had a ruptured abscess that they took care of. While he was there I also had him neutered. He is a beautiful tuxedo-marked cat and very friendly. But unsurprisingly he did not like being shut up in the bathroom for two days and quite frankly the testosterone thing was a huge issue! He actually escaped and is again roaming free. I hope we see him again.

On the knitting front: I have two projects going, both of which are testing my limits. The mittens are frustrating partly because I think I accidentally added a couple additional stitches. I'm not too far along, so I am thinking about just starting over. My other project is my first one using a pattern....and it is not easy. The knitting itself is incredibly easy, but following a pattern is a little frustrating at times. So I'm not making as much progress on either one.

American Idol started last night. At first I thought I wouldn't watch, but then I started and now, of course I am sucked in. I only watch one other reality show (Top Chef) and I'm generally not a fan of reality shows -- I don't like the manufactured drama. But for some reason I am really drawn to American Idol. Perhaps it is the "hard worker makes dreams come true" mentality -- or something else, who knows. In any case, after one night I'm hooked again. Damn television!

Finally, work: I am going to be doing a lot more writing and data analysis this semester and I am looking forward to that. But I think the time will go by very quickly and there is a lot to do!

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