Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Random Thoughts

It is so cold today little j and I though our noses would freeze off on the way to school!

Here's a new one: several districts canceled school today because it was too cold. What? Seriously?

Despite the cold, it is a beautiful day.

One of little j's friends is afraid of cats.

I have been craving Mexican food, which means I will probably have to make it since there really isn't a great place in town.

One more week until Big J comes home! Woo!

I haven't really been on top of my own writing. I need to think about that more.

Huge pet peeve: smokers that smoke right outside the entryway. This also happens to be very close to my office window and even when they are closed I can still smell it.

I am surprisingly excited that Lawrence Fishburn is joining the cast of CSI -- I think he will be great.


Hyperreflexia said...

I agree about the schools closing for too cold, really? and Lawrence Fishburn joining CSI. I love TV...

Anonymous said...

Seriously, yes, schools close when it gets very cold. Not all children have the luxury of being driven to school. Would you want your kids to have to walk in below zero temperatures?

Also, schools have to consider transporation. If a bus full of children were to break down, how long would you want your child stuck in, what is essentially a large tin can, for an extended amount of time, in sub zero temperatures, waiting for a replacement bus to come and rescue them?

The reasons schools cancel in severe cold weather is for student safety. Contrary to what you might think, it's not just so we can all have another day off.