Saturday, January 10, 2009

When Did This Happen?

Sometimes I have a hard time considering myself an adult. But apparently when you reach the age of 38 and you have a 6-year old, not to mention a PhD, adulthood is imminent if not totally achieved.

However, it became clear to me that not only am I an adult but also reached that magical age where I "just don't get young people" a few nights ago as I watched a commercial during The Daily Show. The commercial was for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. And all I could think was, "Who in the heck would want to watch that? It's so dark you can't even see what's going on." And my next thought was of how old I was.

I was again reminded when I read an article on Jezebel that talked about internet language, specifically LOLSpeak (e.g., I Can Has Cheezburger). Now, I know what LOLSpeak is, but I just don't get the humor or appeal of it. People, you are spelling things wrong! It is not funny or clever; in the same way business names spelled wrong is not clever or cute (e.g. Kum & Go, Kwik Mart, etc.).

So if wanting to watch a movie with good lighting, not to mention good dialogue, or using correct spelling makes me an adult then I guess I will embrace it. Next stop: Old Fogey!

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