Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mid-Winter Sick

little j and I have been sick. I've had some abdominal issues and a cold, and little j has also had a cold. Miserable. I've said this in previous winters, but winter in the mid-Atlantic really gets me down. While I am always thankful for a sunny day in the middle of January or February, I much prefer the cloudy skies, the snowy streets, and mornings so cold it takes your breath away.

We've had the cold, but barely a cloud and absolutely no snow. This is not my idea of winter.

A few days ago, Big J and I heard a story on NPR about North Dakota and how the economy was fairing better than you might imagine. I suggested that we make that our next move. While North Dakota is not my ideal, at least we would have snow!

But right now, we'll just concentrate on getting well, tending our narcissus bulbs, and being thankful for a warm fire and good company.

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Hyperreflexia said...

There is so much snow in New York that you would be wishing for a sandy warm beach... hahahahaha...