Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Eve Political Dish

Today one of my friends said she read an article about people (liberals) who get up early in the morning and grab coffee and spend half an hour reading the latest polls and election commentary worrying about the upcoming election. She said when she read it she thought, "Who in the world does that?"

The next morning she went downstairs and got on the computer and saw that her husband had been doing just that. And then she thought about me....oh yeah....that scenario has me written all over it.

I am really anxious.

Then this evening when I heard that Senator Obama's grandmother passed away, I cried. Already on the edge, the news just pushed me over.

Am I emotionally invested in the outcome of this election? Absolutely.

little j is coming to vote with me tomorrow and I am going to make her a ballot that she can turn in...she's pretty excited.

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Sally HP said...

I took the boys with me today, too! that's so fun that she had her own ballot...H was just excited to be at the place with the fire engine...