Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm Live Blogging VA Election Results Y'All

I'm going to sign off from VA...I'll be back again tomorrow morning with my reactions to the final results. I'm turning over to the Daily Show, but I'll keep my eye on the race -- both for president and VA's 5th district.

I'm feeling the best that I've felt all day -- actually in the last few months. CNN just showed a projecting that if McCain won all but Oregon, Washington, and California he still wouldn't have enough electoral votes to win. Seriously, I feel like I could go to sleep right now and feel good. Of course I won't. But still...

OBAMA projected to win Ohio! Best news so far since no Republican has won the White House without OH. Almost there.

Holy Shit! Periello and Goode are tied. Amazing. If you know anything about VA politics this race would have you holding your breath. At the same time, Obama and McCain are both at 50% in VA. Go Obama!

Pundits are now saying that it is "looking difficult" for McCain. Hope.....
I think that a win in Florida will put McCain under. We'll soon know.


Kay Hagan was just projected the new senator in North Carolina. Yeah baby! Liddy Dole really screwed the pooch on that one with her accusations of godlessness.

If you are watching CNN....have you notices how crammed in all their pundits are? I think I would be upset that I didn't have personal space.

On another note: A while ago I wrote about Virgil Goode, who must be one of the most bigoted congressman in office. The 5th district is close. Tom Periello is just a few percentage points behind which is amazing for a Democrat in this district.


CNN announces Obama takes PA! I am oh so happy!

It's now 8:34 p.m. EST.
We have been watching the election results for 90 minutes with no real information. I am so anxious that I had to turn the channel to SciFi's Scare Tactics. It's a good way to take my mind off the election.

I'm going to be up until the results are in (I hope).

In another note: Mark Warner has been projected the winner of the senate seat in Virginia. That gives us two Democratic senators. Woohoo! Our time in Virginia has finally paid off -- when we arrived there were two Republican senators. Now to see if our Oregon mojo works for president.

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