Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Random Thoughts

So it's Halloween and I love it. This year we are going all out with little j's costume. She is going to be a witch and we even got her a wig and are going to paint her face green. Very cool!

Last night Big J and I went out to dinner after our parent-teacher conference. We had the big "life" discussion which always seems to happen when we go out just the two of us. No talk about weather, sports or politics for us...just the big stuff.

I sort of feel untethered.

little j and I have been working on a gingerbread haunted house all's still not done.

We bought our Halloween candy yesterday and I just realized that we didn't buy any Smarties. What was I thinking?

But we did buy Whoppers -- my second favorite candy.

DO NOT read the ingredient list on any of your Halloween candy. It sucks all the fun out.

I am headed to a conference next week. Looking forward to seeing friends and presenting my research...dreading the mingling.

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