Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Get Yourself A Man With Power!

This weekend we went to Ikea to get a new desk. A trip to Ikea is always fun in part because I love the possibilities -- a new kitchen, new bathroom, new chair, etc. This time it was fun because I got to hear a conversation that reminded me of one of the reasons I love Big J.

We were looking at the desks, drawers and accessories and there was a couple in the same area looking at similar items. They were, I would guess, roughly our age, maybe a few years younger. The woman wanted to get something and the man (I assume they were married, they were definitely "together") kept saying, "Well, I don't know because you need a drill to put that together and I would have to borrow one."

At some point during our search the Js made a trip to the restroom leaving me to do measurements and explore our options. The couple was still nearby and now the guy was making phone calls to find out if friends and/or neighbors had a drill he could borrow.

I wanted to pull this woman aside and say, "Honey, you don't need a new desk, you need a MAN." Because seriously, who doesn't own a drill? We happen to own at least two, if not three. And secondly, if you need a drill then go out and buy one. You can get a fairly decent drill for under $50 and, trust me on this, you'll find uses for it in the future. And if your husband/partner/boyfriend doesn't want to buy one, then buy one for yourself. You'll be thankful.

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