Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wednesday Political Dish

Once again I looked forward to the debate, and once again I was left with just a bit of disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I thought Obama did well and he definitely had a couple of zingers, my favorite being that a wheel had fallen off the straight talk express.

It is no secret that I am an Obama supporter. But the truth is when McCain first ran for president 8 years ago I thought he was pretty not too bad. WRONG! I think this campaign has shown his true colors. Nearly a year ago he vowed that he would not resort to negative campaigning and he would make the election about the issues. WRONG AGAIN! It's just so disappointing.

So I wasn't particularly surprised when I read the most recent issue of Rolling Stone and the cover article that really exposes McCain's past and his temper. For anyone that is on the fence, this article should be required reading. And even if you're not on the fence it is good insight into this man's life and formative years. I highly recommend Tim Dickinson's article "The Make-Believe Maverick."

A second article that really spoke to me was one recommend by my friend Sherri. She and I had a discussion during primary season about Obama and Clinton, me as an Obama supporter and she as a Clinton support. She mentioned that he "seemed to good to be true." And I think for many people that is how they feel or felt about him. But I felt something I had longed to feel for quite some time: hope and optimism. Courtney E. Martin's commentary, "Dare I belive Obama can win?" captures those feelings of hope and optimist combined with abject fear in the face of a loss perfectly.

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Sea Legs said...

This woman authored one of the books that I used in my dissertation. How about that? I loved reading both of these pieces. Thanks for sharing.