Wednesday, September 03, 2008

You Know You're A Big Nerd When . . .

The most exciting thing to happen in your life is getting faculty status and being able to download the latest version of SPSS for free.

You get excited about putting together a Gantt Chart.

Little things like cleaning up an Excel spread sheet and using formulas make you happy.

You think about designating one day of the week "library day" so you can go and check out new books.

You randomly look up research articles "for fun."

The best part about collecting data is not the participant interaction but finding out what the data say.

You know that data is plural.

You think about setting aside a couple hours a week to "play" with SPSS.

Suddenly academic writing doesn't seem so intimidating.

You laugh at your 5-your old daughter's inadvertent, but correct, use of the word "pox." As in:

Q: Why did the chicken have chicken pox?
A: Because she didn't know how to do the chicken dance!
And then you tell all your friends how smart she is to know the "other" definition of the word pox.


Wild Cayuse Creek said...

"You randomly look up research articles "for fun.""

I miss having library access for that very reason

Tracey said...

Yay - congratulations on the new gig, C!

Big nerds, unite!!