Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shout Out to My Blogging Girlfriends

When I moved to Virginia the thing I missed most was my girlfriends. And while I have made some amazing and lifelong friends here, there really is nothing like calling up someone who has known you through some incredibly tough, and often embarrassing times, to chat. I always feel like we pick up where we left off as if nothing has changed, even if it's been a month or even a year since the last phone call.

But when there just isn't time to get to the phone, especially when you are three time zones apart reading a blog can be a really great thing. Several of my girlfriends have blogs and I just wanted to take time to share their brilliance.

My cousin's (or, more aptly, sister's) blog Wild Cayuse Creek reminds me of the beauty of place and the value of reflection.

My very good friend Sherri at Desperately Seeking Sherri, while terrible at doing regular posts, always makes me laugh and look at the world in new ways, while at the same time making me super-jealous of her effortless wit and endless charm. (Sherri, I know you're reading this, please post more!)

My college roommate and girl soul mate at Hyperreflexia reminds me to take time for myself while at the same time working my ass off.

Sally HP at Sex and the Knitty reminds me that being a mother, while often difficult, has many rewards. I also appreciate her amazing candor about life, motherhood, and the female body.

Mrs. V at In Search of Balance has influenced my summer reading list and reminded me of the importance and challenge of keeping my own life in balance.

And last, but not least, Tracey at Life in Sugar Hollow, while a new girlfriend from the East and one that I rarely talk to (more like contact through blogging) reminds me of the power of gardening and being in touch with nature and how that can permeate through every aspect and relationship in life.

These are amazing women with hopes and dreams, witty stories, beautiful images, intense thoughts, and belly laughs. And though a lot of my contact with them is through their blogs I am fortunate to have them in my life every day.

Oh, and I have to say, if it isn't obvious from their blogs, Sherri, Sally HP and Mrs. V are sisters. What a remarkable family!


Hyperreflexia said...

woot woot

Tracey said...

Oh, girl!

You are too cool!

You need to know that you inspire me with your ultimate foodie-ness, great music recommendations (on your side bar . . . ) and books! Your curiosity in the kitchen is infectious . . . I love-love-love checking out both your blogs.