Tuesday, July 01, 2008

In Search Of . . .

Last night Big J and I were watching Nashville Star and I mentioned to him that I haven't really been into music lately. I generally go through phases, especially over summers. The summer we moved to Virginia I was in a country music phase and on my drive across the country I listened to a lot of country. I've had a rap phase, a Beastie Boys phase, a Lilith Fair phase, a Ryan Adams phase, and several DMB phases. But lately...nothing.

And that led me to realize that lately nothing has caught my attention. I haven't really felt passionate about anything enough to argue about it; I haven't been excited about starting any projects; I haven't even been excited about reading. Granted, I did read four Nancy Drew mysteries but they were oddly unsatisfying.

This is sort of a weird feeling for me. I generally have something going on. It's rare that I don't have a project that I am throwing myself into. But there's just nothing that has really grabbed me. I have to wonder if part of the reason is that I am just tired of throwing myself into something (i.e. my dissertation) and I need to just be for a while.

Who knows. I'm sure something will come along. Maybe I should just be patient.

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