Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Random Thoughts

The other day, while listening to NPR, I heard a quote from woman whose house was on the brink of foreclosure say that Americans deserve to own their own home. Oh really? Just Americans? There are millions of people world-wide that live below the poverty level and have no hope of ever owning their own home, or even living in a house at all. What do they deserve?

I'm finally feeling motivated to get back to academic work. Woohoo!

Big J has been gone for 12 days. It feels like it's been an eternity. Fortunately he'll be home Tuesday evening.

I have wheatgrass in the freezer, but haven't decided how to use it yet.

little j wants a kitten for her birthday. I'm inclined to say yes, but I have a feeling Big J is going to veto that. But does he really have veto power? hmmmm........

The house is sort of messy and now that I have motivation to do academic work, I have little motivation for housework.

Why do dishtowels get that musty stink? My bath towels don't. I don't get it.

This is the first year that little j gets to do back-to-school shopping (although technically not back-to-school since this is her first year). I think I'm more excited that she is. I love buying school supplies!


Mrs. V said...

Your comments about wondering whether or not big J has veto power cracked me up.

I am excited to do the first back to school shopping with A as well. We won't get to do very much though because her school has a uniform and they have parents give a certain amount of money and then they provide the school supplies. I guess the back to school shopping will mainly be limited to a backpack and lunch pale... I know it is majorly downscaled, but we will have to make it fun anyway.

Hyperreflexia said...

Can you believe Zee is going into the 3rd grade? Eee doesn't start school until Sept 2009. Wow it's going to be a long year.