Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In Over My Head?

A while ago I wrote about not being sure what to do with all the articles I had accumulated over the past five years of grad school, and more specifically throughout the dissertation writing process. Seriously, I have two full boxes (the size that holds reams of paper) full of articles.

Since little j is starting kindergarten in a month we've decided to give her Big J's desk. That involves cleaning out and rearranging the office. So I spent the day going through the articles, putting them in Endnote, and getting rid of those I know I won't use. I didn't even make it through half of what I have. In addition, as I was going through I decided that I should also hang on to a majority of the articles and read through them again and add notes to the Endnote citation.

Am I crazy? Quite possibly. But this just shows, as usual, how anal I am in terms of research.

UPDATE: Apparently I'm not crazy or anal. Today I had a meeting with my advisor and a grad assistant and mentioned this little project and they both thought it was a large undertaking but a fabulous idea. It's nice to be understood!

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Mrs. V said...

I finally got rid of a lot of my college and high school notes, handouts. I was always hanging on to them just in case I wanted to refer back to them someday. After moving them from house to house a couple of times I decided to finally weed out most of them!