Monday, June 23, 2008

Summers with Nancy

This morning NPR had a segment on Nancy Drew from their "In Character" series and it got me thinking about all the summers I spent reading and re-reading Nancy Drew mysteries. I think I have read most of the mysteries at least 20 times. It prompted me to look on Ebay for the books, and although I haven't bid, I am seriously considering it.

I remember summers on the porch swing, reading about Nancy's adventures with a glass of lemonade and my great-grandmother's peanut butter cookies. So engrossed it the book I couldn't put it down until the very last page, no matter how many times I had read it before. Nancy was everything I wanted to be: smart, plucky, beautiful, and courageous. She led a life of excitement and intrigue. How I longed to be plunged into a mystery with my best friend (Ms. A) by my side. Some 25+ years later I still can't resist a good mystery and an afternoon on the patio with Nancy sounds like nirvana.

I can't wait until little j is old enough to read about Nancy's adventures and I suspect I'll be reading along with her. But it wouldn't hurt to get a head start!

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Wild Cayuse Creek said...

I heard the same story. I was thinking about the first Nancy Drew book I read and how exciting it was to be transported into her world.

The best books ever!