Monday, April 21, 2008

Certain Words That Give Me the Creeps

First one: Moist. Now, combine that with heat. Moist Heat -- Gross! I mean, I'm all for a nice hot shower, but it is necessary to combine the words moist and heat? I don't think so. Moist cake? That's more acceptable.

Second word: Nipple. It's not so much the word but the image. But it's not any nipple, it's a pierced nipple -- EWWWWW!

Third word: Sweaty. It just makes me picture some big hairy guy on the beach.

You know, on second thought, it's not really the words that make me shudder, it's the images that inevitably come up with them. For example, I don't really mind the word slug, but if I get a mental image of a slug with it's slimy trail that just makes me shudder.

What words/images make you shudder?


Wild Cayuse Creek said...

Words/images that make me shudder...

Back hair
Vomit or mucus

Sherri said...


Sue London said...

Wasn't "moist" the word that ooged out the mom in the show "Dead Like Me"?