Sunday, April 13, 2008


I've had a hard time getting back into baseball since we've lived in Virginia. But our cable company has two new channels so we can watch virtually all Orioles and Nationals games. So in the past week I've watched at least 3 partial games, all Nationals, by the way. I am partial to the Nationals simply because their 3rd baseman, Ryan Zimmerman, played for UVa.

Before this season our baseball options were typically either the Braves on TBS or the Yankees on the regional Fox Sports channel. Although I'm not a fan, I really have nothing against the Braves, they just don't excite me as a team -- there's no connection. As far as the Yankees are concerned, well I can hardly type the name of the team without gagging. Seriously, I believe that people either love the Yankees or hate the Yankees and you can count me as a member of the latter group.

There is something soothing about baseball. I certainly can't say anything about the game that hasn't been said before. But I love the game. I want to be one of those people that visits every major league ball park (yes, even Yankee Stadium) during a summer. If I can just get little j interested in the game maybe we can make a summer of it.

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