Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Big Sigh

We got home from our vacation two days ago. I don't think I have recovered. It's strange to think that you need to get home from vacation a couple days before you go back to work in order to rest after your vacation. But if you go to Disney World, I suppose that is to be expected.

We had a really great time. DW was wonderful, albeit crowded, but apparently not as crowded as it gets during peak times. Would I go back? Probably when little j is 10 or 12. She really had a good time between the rides, the princess lunch, and meeting the characters. little j's favorite rides were Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan. She liked seeing princesses, most especially Ariel (aka: Little Mermaid, whom she saw both in mermaid and princess form).

We spent our last couple of days on the Gulf Coast with my former boss and his wife. It was nice to catch up with them and they are doing really well. During the visit I broke the news that, in all likelihood, I would not be returning to administration. As expected, he wasn't particularly happy, but he did acknowledge that it was about me and not him (good point) so when it was all said and done I had to do what would ultimately make me happy and be best for my family. Of course as soon as we got home I saw a job announcement for an administrative position, although at a system office as opposed to a campus. And it is a job that I am very interested in, and one that someone had talked to me about even before I went to graduate school.

So it is back to the library for me. I Am not particularly excited, but I am excited to be done. I feel like I have about two or three weeks of really hard work ahead and then I will be ready to defend. It's hard to believe it could be so close, but on the other hand I am so ready to be done.

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