Monday, February 18, 2008

It's Interesting

Big J left for a trip today. He is only gone for two nights, but this is the first time little j and I have had time just the two of us in quite a while. little j has become quite the swimmer, something I can imagine she will continue for quite some time. Her swimsuits from last summer were so worn they were nearly see-through when wet -- a good look for a Girls Gone Wild video, not so much for a five-year old. So after school today we went to buy a new suit and goggles. She has goggles, but Big J thought she needed a new, non-tinted, pair. And We got her a dark blue Speedo. She totally looks like a swimmer. She definitely has the build for it.

After shopping we went for dinner. It was one of the best "mom-daughter" dinners we've had in a long time. She didn't even want to color, she just wanted to talk. On the way
from school I was asking her about her day and she told me this story about one of her friends and her teachers. It was the type of story that you really want your child to be able to tell you so you can talk about it and work it out together.

After dinner we went over to TJ Maxx and I got a french press and little j got two nightgowns. When I put her pajamas on her last night they were WAY too tight and short. I swear before our vacation they fit. She seems to be growing a couple inches every month. It's just amazing.

All in all, it was one of the best nights I can remember. And helped me remember why I really love being a mom.

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