Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some random thoughts

I feel like I've been a bad blogger lately. Not keeping up with the sharing. Never mind that things have been a bit crazy between birthdays, Big J gone for two weeks, and what not. I still have the Catholic guilt. Sort of an atheist with Catholic guilt. In any case...

As usual I have been obsessing over my future work plans. Yes, I still want to be a faculty member. Teaching, advising, chairing dissertations, researching all appeals to me. But there is a job opening with a non-profit research firm that seems oh so perfect. They just recently started doing research in higher education and their focus is on low-income and access. Exactly what I am looking for. Of course I would be working primarily in the higher ed arena, but if there was an opportunity to branch out into other social science research I would jump at the chance. Plus there is hardly anyone in the higher ed area (i.e., faculty) that is doing pure experimental research, which I would have the opportunity to do. So yes, I'm going to apply. But I worry simply because the job is located either in New York or Oakland. So expensive! And what would Big J do?

So there's that. Also, it's raining and I am so glad. I think I could be perfectly happy living in a rainy climate. Then again, I would miss snow. I need four seasons.

Other thoughts...even though I am a little sad that NBC decided to effectively drop Law & Order: CI, it turns out that the move to the USA network is probably a good thing because they can push the envelope a little harder.

Who are the assholes at the television networks that decided that Thursday should be "TV" night. Seriously. I like The Office, Scrubs, CSI, Without a Trace, and L&O:CI. This pretty much means that without DVR, which of course I do not have since that would just feed my addiction in a totally unhealthy way (or would it?), I'm screwed. There is no way I can watch all those shows in one night.

The 'L' on my computer is a little sticky which is causing some issues.

I'm giving blood tomorrow and thinking that having two glasses of wine this evening wasn't the best idea. Note to self: drink water before bed and a lot in the morning.

Little J has decided that she likes listening to the news (NPR at our house) and watching the weather channel. HA! We'll see about that.

I can't wait to carve pumpkins this weekend! I have some great ideas (haunted house, for one).
A parent at little j's party mentioned that she thought I had too much time on my hands when I made little j's party invitations last year, so she was happy to see that I purchased invitations. That is, until she saw the cake. Seriously, it wasn't as difficult as people imagine. First of all, I used box cake mix (oh, alright it was organic as was the box frosting). Second, it's not like I did anything special, I just stacked them up and covered them with frosting then stuck the princesses on them.

Let's see...last thing: our fish that were in our outdoor pond are now inside. I am so not a fish person, but they make little j happy.

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