Tuesday, August 21, 2012

little j's last day of summer

little j starts school tomorrow.  I'm amazed at how quickly summer has gone.  I think she is too.  It's been a full season with a trip to Oregon, six weeks of riding camp, a couple trips to Kings Dominion, the first fall off a horse, swimming, friends, sleepovers.  And, of course, a new puppy.

There are days that I can hardly believe little j is going to be in the fourth grade.  Other days I see a flash of teenager and am at once mollified and intrigued.  A little glimpse into the future can sometimes be a good thing.

I saw that most during back-to-school clothes shopping.  She's pickier and moving away from the "little girl" outfits.  And at her back-to-school haircut she asked for side bangs.  Definitely growing up!

As I updated the fall calendar I feel like her schedule is just a busy as mine!  This year we are subtracting school choir and Girl Scouts and adding an extra soccer practice.  I still worry about little j being over-commited, but she's happy so I'm happy.

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Mrs. V said...

The girls go back on Thursday, so they just have one more day. Both are excited to be heading back though.

I would love to see a picture of Jillian growing up!