Thursday, August 30, 2012

And it begins . . .

The semester started this week and I began feeling a bit out of sorts and sick.  My office was an crazy mess and I really didn't get my syllabi done until the day before classes began.  To top it all off Hurricane Issac decided to come into our lives in the form of Big J working on Sunday. 

But even with all that there are a few bright glimmers of happiness.  Big J is coming home tonight for a 3-day weekend.  We have tickets to the season-opener football game AND a parking spot (this might be even better than the actual tickets!).  little j is loving soccer and enjoying being at the challenge level.  And the puppy is, well, he alternates between an obstinate toddler and a cuddly muppet. 

I think it will take a bit to find my stride this semester, given that I have to thing of the puppy and my day is broken up with his needs, little j's activities, as well as my own work, and, oh yeah, let's just throw in the house stuff (cooking, picking up, the occasional load of laundry).  

In just a little over a month I will be moving my office to another building (why they think it is okay to move in mid-semester, I will never understand).  And even though the move is inconvenient it will end up working well for me since my parking area is two-minutes away.  It will make going home for lunch to feed and walk the puppy that much easier. 

One thing I am looking forward to is coming home at lunch, walking the dog, eating at the table with a book that is not work related.  I did that once this week and it was awesome.  There is something about actually getting away from the office for a short time, actually taking a break.  It's something I don't do often enough as it just seems easier to sit at my desk and keep working.

And a final thought -- I had a student tell me that she is really excited for this semester.  And that makes me happy.  It's a good reminder that what I do can have an impact.

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