Sunday, July 01, 2012

A Lttle Thing Called "Derecho" Plus Super Hot Weather

A derecho, or land hurricane, caused a power outage in our neighborhood from Friday evening at about 10:00 to Saturday sometime between 3:30 -7:00 (we weren't home when the power came back on).  Couple that with the extremely hot weather we've been having (heat index near 110° three days in a row), and you get some pretty cranky people. 

Granted, it's been just little j and I for the last 10 days until we picked Big J up from the airport this morning, and I know I've mentioned that she and I don't do well together for more than 7 days max.  But I seriously blame the heat; the fact that we were without air conditioning for nearly 18 hours only added to that.  Fortunately, the house, at least downstairs, stayed relatively cool (low 80s). 

Fortunately our home didn't suffer much storm damage other than a few small downed limbs.  Our neighbors, who happen to be out of town, had huge limbs down in their yard, so little j and I tried to drag them into one big pile yesterday.  I has a slight concern about the refrigerated food, but with only 18 hours without electricity all seems to be fine. 

The major downside to this heat, besides the obvious (it's HOT!), is our garden has take a major hit.  I've been trying to keep everything watered.  But it seems like the plants are just going dormant.  Oh, and we have crunchy grass.  Seriously, we never have crunchy grass in Virginia.  I'm just worried that our veggie garden is going to die a slow death no matter how hard I work at it.  It's been such a great year so far, I'd hate to see it all ruined before our first large tomato ripens (we've been eating cherry tomatoes for nearly a month).

We are headed to DC on Tuesday for a couple days, so I am slightly worried about the garden.  But I think if I just give it a good water, it will hold until we return on Thursday.

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