Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Why did you have to go there?

I'm not a particular fan of bumper stickers.  Some I think are clever and humorous, but others are just mean-spirited. 

Case in point, on my way home this afternoon there was a car in front of me with several political bumper stickers for republicans.  I don't have a problem with that.  But right in the middle of the trunk was a bumper sticker that read, "That Obama sticker on your car might as well say, "Yes, I'm stupid."" 

Really?  Well, two things, bumper stickers don't "say" anything, they read.  And, while I don't have one on my car, I did during the last election and I am far from stupid. 

If people want to have a civilized and honest debate about the direction of our country, insulting my intelligence is not the way to begin.  And that's really the problem with bumper stickers, political ones in particular, as well as political rhetoric in general.  Why can't we have civilized conversations and treat each other as equals?  And this comment applies to conservatives, liberals, moderates, progressives, independents, and whatever other labels people may apply to their political beliefs. 

I want to believe that well-tempered, well-mannered, civil debate is what most Americans want politicians to have and to have with each other.  But bumper stickers like the one above make me doubt the system and generally cynical about the world.


Andrew Sharp said...

I am a conservative in political views yet a liberal in individual views. It's complicated, I hate corporate brain washing of our society, our consumer mentality yet feel the government should support economic growth by reducing government and stimulating the public sector. Like I said it's complicated, yet I give you my background to demonstrate that I have different views from you and that I'm not highly intelligent yet far from stupid. The point is that while different than you I agree with you. I think it's horrible the way intellectual conversation on America has been reduced from great debates, literature and intellect that built this nation, has now been reduced to bumper stickers filled with insult. Great post and I think very much needed. Wish more people thought like you.

Andrew Sharp said...

Sorry for the grammar errors, I'm posting from an iPhone and fat fingering the keys.

That Girl said...

I really appreciate your comment. The thing is that I respect the views of conservatives as well. If we could have more debates that focused on the issues without personal attacks the process would be much more palatable.