Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Random Thoughts

Someone told me that when men hear that a woman's husband is working away from home they say, "I'm so sorry to hear that." And when women hear it they say,"Wow, that must be great." I don't know how I feel about that.

Week one of Big J's new job and I had one meltdown when I couldn't pump up little j's bicycle tire.

I got a parking permit in a new lot today and it is so much closer! Woohoo! But the lots around my building still have a 12-15 year waiting list.

The weather this morning felt suspiciously fall-like. Don't tease me Mother Nature!

I have yet to start on the syllabus for one of my classes. I think I should write a new song to the tune of "Sound of Silence" and begin it with: Hello procrastination my old friend/I've come to talk with you again . . .

I've had the urge to do some creative writing again. Yeah, like there's time in the day for that.

I gave up on the Mariners for the year. I'm a horrible fan, but seriously, they suck.

I'm looking forward to doing some gardening today or tomorrow.

little j has been so sweet this week. Every night she asks, "Mom, how was your day?"

1 comment:

Sherri said...

Ok, I live with two rabid Cubs fans, so that whole "the Mariners suck" thing is all relative!
Can't wait to hear about Big J's new job...
love and miss you!