Saturday, July 09, 2011

A Few Thoughts On the Past Week

It sucks to be sick when you have to teach 5 days a week. Once again, I am totally grateful for my rock star TA who has been the stats queen and filling in for me and generally making sure people are feeling like they have someone to vent to.

It also sucks to go to the doctor thinking you have strep throat and coming out with cardiology appointment for a heart murmur. Wait a minute.......But I suppose it is something that needs to be checked out.

And finally, it really sucks when your favorite Dansko summer sandals strap breaks. Never mind that I don't have any other summer sandals, but I'm super picky and I really was happy with those sandals.

Wait, one more sucky thing -- little j is sick too! Fever, vomiting, stuffy nose. Summer sickness is the worst, especially when you are 8-years old.

Oh yeah, one last thing that really sucks -- when a little over a mile into your run you trip on an uneven sidewalk, sprain your pinky finger, scrape both hands AND your chin. Fun stuff.

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