Monday, June 27, 2011

The first day of school

Well, not really. But it is the first day of my second summer session. It's sort of odd. I feel like it's a continuation of the same class, but at the same time completely new and different.

I had one of those teaching days where I feel like I was totally on my game in terms of getting a ton of information across in a clear way, but I was still left with several blank stares. That's okay, I suppose. We, obviously, meet again tomorrow, so I'll have time to review. The flip side of feeling like teaching went well means that my brain is totally fried. It's exhausting. And if anyone ever tells you that teaching is easy they are a big fat liar. And you can tell then I said so. Seriously, just say, "That Girl says your a big fat liar." Tell me how that works out!

On the plus side, I do have a TA for this class, and it is nice being able to split the lectures and grading. The other thing I found today is that she is able to rephrase things so students get two ways of looking at things instead of my interpretation. A good thing all around.

This class is a bit daunting in that we are teaching research/evaluation/assessment methods as well as general statistics all at the same time (oh, not to mention how to use SPSS). It's a lot to take in, so I need to remember to check in with the class from time to time to make sure we're not losing anyone!

Bonus is that there aren't any major papers to grade! WOOHOO! Oh, and after this class I have 5 weeks before fall semester begins. A short break, but a break nonetheless.

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