Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Seriously Playmobil?

little j has been so excited for December 1 because that is the day she gets to start the advent calendar. We have a hanging tapestry with a tree decorated with buttons and numbered pockets below that hold ornaments to hang on each button. This year little j talked Big J into buying the Playmobile Christmas in the Forest Advent Calendar.

As Big J said this morning, if we were 8-years old we'd be excited about it too. But we're not. Of course given that we aren't 8, we should have realized that you can't just set it out and open each door and get the daily toy. Assembly was required. Of course that was written in about 9-point font on the back of the box. So, we can be forgiven if we overlooked that. Then again, when you're 8-years old and you open the first door to find a giant gaping hole, it is hard to forgive anything.

Given the abject disappointment on the first day of December, I promised to put it together before I left for work. Let me just say, it's a good thing Big J had to come back home after dropping little j off at school, because this was not something that I could have done myself. At least not with a lot of very non-Christmasy words.

After putting little pieces together, finding all the right slots and wrestling with the backdrop, I finally got it done and set up. little j will get home before me. But Big J pronounced me a "good mom." That's good enough for a Wednesday morning!

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