Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Random Thoughts - Birthday Edition

Yesterday was little j's birthday and tomorrow is mine. I really like having birthdays so close together.

Since little j is having a slumber party tomorrow, we are celebrating my birthday tonight with dinner out.

This morning Big J took me to breakfast and surprised me with an awesome gift: iPhone 4G. Woohoo!

The other thing I got today was lovely flowers from A&S. Really there are few things better than being surprised with flowers.

What isn't a birthday present: the twenty 10-page papers I have to grade this weekend. Perhaps I'll get a bottle of wine to go along with those papers!


Hyperreflexia said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend. Hope it's a beautiful day!

Sherri said...

Happy Belated, belated birthday! Glad we reconnected via email. And now that you have iPhone 4G, will you please come back to facebook? We need you!