Thursday, July 02, 2009

That's A Load of Garbage

Big J, thankfully, takes care of the bills. Yesterday he was bill paying and he realized that we hadn't received a bill from the garbage service for quite a while. He remembered that we had a late notice a few months ago, so he called to see what was up.

According to the person he spoke with on the phone, our garbage service was discontinued in February. And when he told the woman that our garbage was still being picked up she said, "Yeah, that happens sometimes." So Big J asked if we could continue our service and was told that there would be a fee to restart. He said that we would be going with another service. And the woman said, "Okay." And that was that. She didn't ask for payment for the last four months, nor did she say that she would waive the fee to continue our service.

However, today was our regular garbage day and it was picked up, same as usual.

We will be changing garbage service regardless. Our new service comes with free curbside recycling. And you really can't beat that.

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