Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Random Thoughts

Last Friday was lost because I had a little medical procedure in the morning and slept most of the afternoon.

I just finished my first week of teaching summer school. I'm exhausted!

I've sort of moved in to my new office, but not really. It all feels so temporary.

Our yard is looking great thanks to Big J's recent foray with the chainsaw and lots of free hostas from friends.

I have my first program faculty meeting today. I will be keeping quiet until I learn the ropes and where I fit.

Interesting thought: I went to work for my alma mater directly out of college. Now I am going to work in the program I just graduated from. do I feel about these transitions? It's a little tough to go from student to peer.

I am loving teaching. I would say that two out of my four days have been outstanding this week. If that was a batting average I'd be doing great!

Tomorrow barbecued brisket. Yum!

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