Monday, May 04, 2009


Over the last few months Big J has been following the Strength for Life program and has been doing really great and feeling much more fit. I've also been wanting to start, but I am a little intimidated by free weights, so I wanted Big J to come along with me for at least the first week and help me out, make sure I have the right technique, etc. Of course he's been out of town non-stop since the first of the year so we haven't had a chance to go together.

Well, today was the day! Big J is in town this week and next and it is the perfect opportunity to go to the gym together for two weeks straight -- by coincidence our anniversary is on Sunday/Monday and what better way to acknowledge 13 years of marriage (12 happy years of marriage) by working out together. (Okay, maybe that is pushing it.)

So, the plan....It is a six day/week plan with mostly free weights and some cardio. Today we worked on upper body and I did better than I thought. The nice thing is that, depending on how much cardio you chose to do, it takes about 30 - 40 minutes -- really, not a lot of time.

I'm actually looking forward to going tomorrow, partly because I get to spend time with Big J in the middle of the day, but also because I do feel good about what I did today and I know tomorrow will be good as well.

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