Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today's Events

Seriously, what it up with this whole Tea Party thing? I love the fact that people are referring to it as "teabagging" and the GOP doesn't seem to be offended.

A couple thoughts: Do these protesters realize that Obama hasn't even implemented any new taxes? Do they realize that the majority of people will be getting a tax cut? Do they realize that people who have an increase in taxes will be paying 10% less than they were during the Reagan era? They talk about the US becoming socialist -- well, are they going to turn down, or ask their aging parents to turn down, Medicaid or Social Security benefits?

Seriously people! Get a grip on reality.

To top it off, I saw some signs that read "No taxation without representation." WHAT? Do you not have two senators and a congressional representative where you live? The only people that can say that are people that live in DC. Anyone else that says it, to be brutally honest, is a freakin' idiot. Just because the person you voted for maybe didn't win doesn't mean that you aren't represented. Perhaps these people should go back to elemtary school and take a civics class.

Believe me, I am not saying they don't have a right to protest. I'm saying: Be an informed protester. Don't say things that undermine your protest.

Tea Bag Protest = Epic Fail

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