Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Really Great Weekend

This weekend started off with Big J and I playing hooky Friday afternoon, heading to the Downtown Mall and eating lunch and having a drink. After picking little j up from her friend's house she went over to Ms. J's next door for the evening and we headed off to see DMB.

What an awesome show! It was quite possibly one of the best of their shows I have seen. And it started the weekend off right.

Saturday was equally great with early morning soccer practice for little j then off to the farmers' market for fresh donuts and lemonade.

Then we headed to the Downtown Mall to take in C'ville's Earth Day celebration complete with music, activities, and fun with another family.

Today was equally as great -- lazy Sunday with an afternoon trip to Edible Landscaping (thanks to a tip from Life In Sugar Hollow!). We'd been thinking about putting in some raspberries and blueberries and they had an amazing selection. On the way home we stopped at Blue Mountain Brewery and had some great beer and snacks.

And when we got home Minou, who had been gone almost 36 hours was waiting for us -- hooray! And then we had a delicious dinner of grilled salmon, asparagus, and a white bean salad with our neighbor Ms. J.

We didn't get a lot done, but we had fun, enjoyed the amazing spring weather, hung out with friends, took in some of the great activities C'ville has to offer, discovered a great nursery and delicious beer right in our backyard, and enjoyed great food. It made me realize that we didn't have a lot of weekends like this since we've been in Virginia. I've been thinking that we need to have more weekends where we just enjoy life, each other, and where we live. Sort of a stop and smell the roses moment, I suppose.

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Tracey said...

Yay - to Edible Landscaping and a brewery and Dave!! Perfection . . .