Sunday, April 12, 2009

Garden Planning

A few weeks ago we took out our backyard fence. Our yard wasn't fenced when we moved in, but when you have two dogs, one of which likes to wander, you get a fence up quickly. Now that we are without dogs, we've reopened our yard and have been doing some much needed yard restoration.

In addition to planting grass, we are going to plant a couple raspberry plants and perhaps a blueberry bush or two. We are also planning on three raised beds, with one dedicated solely to little j's planting whims (including Brussels sprouts!).

The only negative about taking our fence down is that I have nowhere to hang my flower boxes. But I also see this as an opportunity to plan out new container gardening.


Sally HP said...

Have you seen the book Square Foot Gardening? It was interesting,and had a lot of good ideas...but maybe it was you who recommended it to me? I'm losing it.

That Girl . . . said...

I didn't recommend it...but I have seen it. Very good resource, thanks for reminding me! Off to the library I go.