Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Random Thoughts: Spring Break Edition

(Not my spring break, but little j's)

We spent yesterday at Busch Gardens and today at Colonial Williamsburg. I think I enjoyed today more, but Busch Gardens was fun. But honestly, I'm more exhausted than when we left for vacation!

little j got a colonial dress today to wear as we walked around....has any little girl ever been cuter with her poplin dress, red sash and ruffled bonnet? I think not.

little j went on her first "big" roller coaster. I think the Big Bad Wolf might have been too much for her. But she did enjoy the log ride.

Over the last few weeks, Big J and I have been reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to little j. Over the last couple days we watched the movie. little j loved it! She said she liked the movie better because "there are pictures." But she is also excited to read the next book.

While I don't mind staying in a hotel, I miss my bed at home. A lot.

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Sally HP said...

I've still not read the Harry Potter books, and decided I'd wait until I could read them to Henry...but do you think I should read them first?