Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Random Thoughts

Although I don't really understand it or how it works, the idea of string theory fascinates me.

Jon Stewart had Neil deGrasse Tyson on the other night and he made me excited about astrophysics.

If I were going back to school, I think I would get a counseling degree in part because there is such a great need for therapists for returning military personnel. We have been doing these men and women a great disservice.

Shout out to Sherri and her absolutely beautiful baby girl.

My mid-winter blues have been assuaged for now. We had a few days of snow/sleet/freezing rain and we are now back to the cold, clear blue skies.

We have been taking care of a stray cat and my older cat, Minou, has been giving me the "bish please" face on a regular basis as well as staying out all night to punish me.

It is hard to be an atheistic parent in a religious-centric society.

For years I refused to wear orange, but lately I have embraced it - not bright orange, but a subdued autumnal orange.

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Sara said...

We're all so excited about the baby! And I love, love, love orange...embrace the orange...