Friday, November 14, 2008

Notes from Boys

I have put off posting about this for a few days because I am still trying to process the whole thing. But perhaps writing about it will also help.

On Monday I picked little j up at the bus stop and she was carrying a note. I asked her what it was and she said it was from M, a boy on the bus who is in first grade. She said that he gave it to her and told her to read it when she got home.

We walked in the house and little j immediately went to the kitchen table and opened up the note. The outside said, "Love M." Nothing to odd for 6-year olds.

The inside said "Dear j, Will you be my girlfriend? Love M." And underneath a big Yes and No.

Oh my.

There was a brief moment when I felt it was the cutest, sweetest thing. And then my protective maternal instinct kicked in: who is this boy? where does he live? what are his intentions?

I know, a little silly since he is just 6, but, according to little j, he has a 10-year old brother. Again, why am I worried?

The whole thing has just stuck with me.

little j, however, has taken it in stride. She hasn't returned the note, although she wants to keep it. On the other hand, she did tell me that she has a crush on a boy in her class because, "He is just so cute."

I suspect, actually I know, this is just the beginning . . .

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Mrs. V said...

Luckily that hasn't started for A yet:)