Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Random Thoughts

I probably shouldn't refer to my medication as crazy pills -- but somehow if I make fun of the stigma of depression/anxiety/PMDD then it's easier to deal with.

My good friend, Ms. A (now Dr. A!) gave me a betta for my office. Ted seems to be happy here. At least he is swimming around. Perhaps he was terrified of Dragon at the house.

Congratulations Dr. A! You did it!

The Js are going ice skating tonight. I'm staying home to clean house. In case you think I drew the short straw I am looking forward to some intensive "house cleaning therapy."

The conference last week left me exhausted but exhilarated. Lots of great ideas, too little time and money.

The leaves are almost off the trees. I sort of like this time of year because now you can see everything that has been hidden. Admittedly, much of this is stuff that you are happy is covered again by spring.

I've only seen one Jackson Pollock painting in my life. I hope to have the opportunity to see more.

1 comment:

Tracey said...

I love your random thoughts.

Let's meet at The Rose soon and talk food, books, gardening . . .

P.S. I think you should totally get credit for Middlesex. I'm kinda dragging through On Beauty . . . meh.