Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Political Dish

My last Political Dish was about Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin and her stance on abortion. I'd like to give equal time to Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden, who was asked today on Meet the Press about his stance on abortion. Senator Biden is a lifelong Catholic and believes that life begins at conception. But during the interview he stated that no matter what his beliefs he does not have a right to impose them on others who may have different beliefs.

How refreshing! To read a partial transcript of his interview check out the NYT Caucus Blog.

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Amy said...

Why hello old friend!

I too am doing something semi-permanent with my PhD -- I'm a visiting professor at JMU (please do not ask "Visiting from where?" -- I have heard it numerous times already!)

Love reading your blog (forwarded to me from Tracey)

I'm glad to hear you are still local -- figured you would've been long gone by now! I'd love to see you and catch up sometime. Email me!
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