Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Random Thoughts

This week's random thoughts go out to little j who ends five years at her pre-school today to begin kindergarten next week.

little j at nine months, just after we moved to Cville.

I think I am getting closer to convincing Big J that we should get a kitten for little j's birthday.

little j is having a "graduation" celebration at summer camp today . . . she said it's not the same type of graduation that grown-ups have.

little j wants to learn to whistle and blow bubblegum bubbles....two things that are incredibly difficult without two front teeth.

little j is getting really good at bike riding!

How do you know when your child is overscheduled? I don't want to be one of those parents who thinks their child should be involved in everything. So far she just has soccer and swimming...that's not too much...right?

little j earlier this month, 5 years after we moved to Cville.

The other day little j said she is not going to college. I, of course, nearly had a heart attack, until she reminded me that she is never going to grow up.

little j keeps reminding me that she "is not a little girl." Big sigh.

I might be more anxious about kindergarten than little j, even though she's been in pre-school. Kindergarten just seems like such a major milestone.

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