Monday, August 18, 2008

Family Camping

Big J, little j and I had our first family camping experience last night. We went to a great campground at Sherando Lake in the Blue Ridge mountains. little j has been asking us for a couple years to take her camping and we thought that 5-years old was a good age to start. She did great and she absolutely loved it. In fact, she asked if we could stay a second night.

Big J and I haven't been camping in quite some time and we both really enjoy it, so this was a welcome return to a favorite activity. I remembered that camping is sort of "forced" relaxation: no news, no radio, no television, no telephone. We went on walks, we played cribbage and Doodle Dice, Big J and little j went swimming, I read a whole book. I agree with little j, I would have liked to stay another night.

A note about the photo: little j and I both really want to swim to this island . . . maybe next year.

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