Thursday, July 10, 2008

Phone Company Beauracracy

I was prepared to write a scathing post about how frustrating dealing with the phone company was. But to my complete surprise my 30 minutes on the phone with two different people was actually pleasant and completely helpful. No my issues weren't completely resolved, but at least they are closer to being resolved.

A few nights ago we had a really bad thunder storm with over 2 inches of rain. Since that time our phone line has been full of static. Additionally, our DSL hasn't been working. When I first called they suggested that I unplug and plug the phones back in which helped for about an hour or so. But the static always came back.

When I called today the very nice customer service rep walked me through the steps to determine if the problem was inside or something on the outside. It turns out it is the line outside, so she ordered a service call. But she was so helpful and patient even as I set the phone down to pull crap out of our storage area to get to the phone box.

Then she was kind enough to transfer me to the internet division where another very helpful woman informed me that I really needed a new modem and then helped me track one down in town. She then gave me all the information I would need to reconfigure our wireless router to the new modem.

Sure, I was on the phone for over 30 minutes but I came away feeling good about the interaction and the help I received. Kudos to Embarq!

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