Friday, May 02, 2008

Random Thought Friday

Let's just get right to it:

Would someone please explain to me why, when I am so passionate about college access, that I am having such a mindblock when it comes to writing a 5 - 7 page paper on access programs for low-income, high-achieving students?

I really really just want to take about a week off of school stuff, research stuff, etc. and have Jason stay home and get the house in a place we want it.

We booked our tickets to Oregon last night. Damn those airlines really know how to screw you.

We are looking forward to our Oregon trip. It will be good to see family and we are planning a couple days at the beach. Woohoo!

The only thing I'm not looking forward to is being away from the house for 10 days. My poor garden always suffers.

Our neighbor, Ms. J, has a 17 year old cat named Baby. little j loves Baby and can spend hours petting her. What's even better? Baby loves little j.

People with more than one child act surprised when they learn we are happy having an only child. It's sort of like when people with kids are incredulous when they hear that a couple doesn't want kids. As if having kids is the best thing in the world. Granted, little j is great. But we're happy with her....why tempt fate?

The thing that I am most tired of about Virginia is the bugs. There are just too many and most of them are too big.

On the other hand, I love the birds.

The big summer patio question: Fountain or no fountain?


Hyperreflexia said...

maybe you will get a fountain for a graduation gift? hahahahahahaha

Wild Cayuse Creek said...

A fountain with a miner on it!

That Girl . . . said...

One can only dream.